Unreasonable Capital

Unreasonable Companies

Unreasonable Capital is designed to benefit all the entrepreneurs who participate in the Unreasonable Institute while ultimately financing those who are market ready. We do this by guaranteeing all Unreasonable Fellows 25% of their next round of financing (capped at 250k) assuming they raise the remaining 75% of their raise within 12 months of graduating from the Institute. In this sense, we are first money committed into the round, and last money in. The model is that simple. We are currently in the process of raising Fund:ONE.

Why have we named it Unreasonable Capital Fund:ONE? We believe in learning by doing. One of the core objectives of this fund is to identify the gaps and opportunities in the burgeoning field of impact investing and to ultimately walk out of this experience with the conviction and know-how needed to create Unreasonable Capital 2 (a significantly larger early stage investment fund).