Unreasonable Media

Unreasonable Companies

Unreasonable Media is not your standard production company. We are dedicated, blindly and exclusively, to leveraging the power of story-telling to shift paradigms and solve problems. We do this by focusing on three main avenues for production…

I. Inspiring Next Generation Entrepreneurs: Through documentary films and online web series, we are capturing and disseminating the stories, trials, tribulations, and successes of entrepreneurs we believe will be remembered as having define progress in our time.

II. Practical Wisdom from veteran entrepreneurs and investors: Through filming in-depth interviews as well as specific skill sessions with some of the world’s most proven serial entrepreneurs, thought-leaders, and investors, we are making their practical wisdom available to the world.

III. Working with the largest companies on earth : We are disrupting the world online video advertising. We film 2-10 minute “micro-documentaries” for major corporations that are human centric, express a vulnerability, crowd-source innovation, and are dedicated to impact. This is not your usual pay to say you are great model of advertising (and it just so happens to be much more efficacious).